MMIP (Missing and Murdered Indigenous Persons) is now a Statewide and National resolution.
With support from the LWVUS, this resolution recognizes an immediate and 
urgent need for action and awareness for MMIP.

This resolution:
1. Recognizes the need for Congressional attention to this urgent problem and;
2. Recognizes the leadership of agencies such as the U.S. Department of Interior Missing and Murdered Unit (MMIU)

Wyoming people help their neighbors & are inspired to create healthier communities.
Volunteer your time and expertise.

Learn more about MMIP or become involved with MMIP project.

Check out this Trailer...
"Who She is"
from Caldera Productions on Vimeo
These are the women behind the Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women epidemic in Wyoming and beyond.
Meet Them.
See Them.
Say their Names.
They are "Who She Is."

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Co-Director & Co-Producers: Jordan Dresser & Sophie Barksdale
Art Director: Jonathan Thunder
Executive Producer: Geoff O’Gara
Impact Producer: Rose Steller Burke

Screening in Rock Springs, Lander, Riverton, & Jackson coming in Nov TBA

Watch Here